Something i would like to work on is: watch the subtitles

Something i am doing well is: focus on the subtitles

C.A.R.E values blog post, 8-9 team 3

C.A.R.E Values  Blog, Week 8-9, term 3
You can use any of  following to help you complete your art attack blog

My goal is to develop the consistent use of our CARE Values towards all the people I interact with and for myself .


  • My strengths are in always being  a role model, a community minded person, a respectful person, an active thinker, and a person who strives for excellence because I work hard.
  • I have achieved my bronze certificate.
  • I have almost achieved my silver certificate.


  • I am going to work towards excellence because this is the one care value that I have not achieved in the past.
  • I am going to do this by always showing respect to my teachers. Also by showing I can work well within groups. I will never giving up on work even when its hard and making good choices.
Art Attack Blog, Week 5, term 3

You can use any of the following to help you complete your art attack blog


For art attack my goal was to produce a piece of art related to our local landscape using either paint, water colour or pastel.

With Mrs Marsh I learned about foreground, midground and background in landscapes.
With Mr Forman I learned about colour and complementary colours.
With Mr Rule I looked at the different landscape features of Canterbury and Banks Peninsula.

I learned to blended colours and learned to shade and shape and design a 3D building
and the main feature was the bright blue stars and made it stand out because I made it
in the distance and used an horizon line . And I learned to use the mid ground and background
I would like to shade more of it.

Inline images 1


What is my learning goal?  To understand how to use a number line.

What have I learned? To do my knowledge quickly by doing my number knowledge work.

What is my next step? To work on the number line like  doing .e.g 34 ______________81  will  count
and them take it a way.


What is my learning goal? Organise my ideas into paragraphs and focus on my punctuation

What have I learned?
You start a new paragraph when there is a new speaker, a new place or time.
There are 3 ways to end a sentence (. !  ?)

What is my next step? To organise my ideas into paragraph

TE Reo Maori

We have been learning language about ko Au which means me myself and I.
Something I have learnt to say is I whanau au ki otautahi that means I was born in Christchurch
My next learning step is to say where do you live .


WALT do a poem with a twist.

l learned it can be only two or one words long on each line.

l achieved my goal because at the end I put in a word that makes it so it can't do its thing.

Poem with a Twist:
Getting  ready
Getting steady
No wheels

Next time I will write a different type of poem and use new ideas.